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Precious Memories
How can we keep the record straight when there is no record?

Volume 11, Issue 1
January 11-13, 2008

1st Quarter Assembly 2008
"But For The Grace Of God"

Greetings Area 64 

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a good new year. Things have been extremely busy in my life this quarter. I did however visit the repository in Murfreesboro and do the equipment inventory requested by the liaison committee. Our new computer is there and our archivist has begun preparing it for our purposes.
   It sure seems like a lot has happened this year with the loss of two of our trusted servants.  Again I would like remember those who have gone on with pleasant thoughts I will be eternally grateful for all they have taught me and still miss them greatly. This committee would not be what it is today without their tireless passion for our fellowship and love for archives.
   I have also been active in the Memphis archives committee, and attended their elections; they are growing in numbers it seems at every meeting and are planning a historical perspectives workshop every other month where a long time member gives us his or her version of AA history in Memphis.
Thank you once again for allowing me to serve our fellowship I look forward to seeing you all in Knoxville.

                                                     Yours in service,
                                                       Tony S.
Area 64 archives                                                                                                                                  Interim Chairperson

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