During 2007 there were 38,664 unique visitors to Area 64 Archives website. This is awesome if you really think about it. That is actual visitors and not  say returning visits. Total visitors for 2007 was 89,960. Every single person that visited the site was probably not aware that the site was geared towards alcohol or alcoholism and the preservation, conservation, restoration of AA materials. Then on the other hand some were probably sober enough to recognize the content of the site. Hi Hi. Some would say that we are not carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. I'd beg to differ with those that are unable to see the fruits that a site like this has to offer sober AA's and even those that have not recognized that they may have a problem. As we go forward lets continue to make available to all, the Area 64 Archives website. This site consists of hundreds of pages of info compiled and archived over the last ten years. My how time flies.    Daggerrose

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