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6th Annual Archives Workshop
What A Success

Volume 1, Issue 7

What can I say but it just gets better and better. It was a Grand time at the 6th Annual Archives Workshop held in Louisville Kentucky. The weekend was perfect. A ride down to the Ohio River made for a good break on Saturday afternoon.
The workshop was well planned and executed. I didn't see any body in a hurry, didn't notice any last minute Crisis. Can you imagine a bunch of Alcoholics that organized and executed a workshop of this size without any hitches.
Well this was my observation and I'm sure that there was a lot that I didn't see. Thanks too all that had part in seeing that this was well organized and orchestrated. Many hours of Love and

4th Quarter Assembly
October 2001

Special points of interest:

  • How Do You Know Where To Go If You Don't Know Where You've Been?
  • Sponsee: Why God, Why God
  • God: Its not you're Why, it's My Why, That's Why
  • "Each Group has but one primary purpose- to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers."

Inside this issue:

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Are Your Long-Timers Recorded?

Who is supposed  to see that the Old-Timers introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous  is recorded and Archived in your Groups or District's Repository?
You Are.
How are we to keep the record straight without the early mem

bers stories? It has been very rewarding for me personally to seek out some of the Long-Timers in my area and inquire if they would be willing to sit  in reflection for approximately  one hour and tell me of their first contact with AA. We have

Guidelines that prompt us to ask leading questions that really make it easy. I've been turned down only once. It seems that they understand the importance of Keeping the Record Straight. Make it a point to get all your Area Long-Timers on Tape Soon.

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