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Private collection of Tom N.

Clarksville, Tennessee

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First Printing First Edition Bigbook

April 1939

5000 Published

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Works Publishing Company

This book is in Excellent Condition

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Notice Lone Endeavor was taken out of the second printing

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First Printing First Edition on right. Not how much smaller the Bigbook on the left is.

It was a War Time Version 1945

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Eighth Printing February, 1945

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Bill W. read a copy of this book put out in 1902

The Varieties of Religious Experiences

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Draft Copy Passed Out Bill W. wrote this book proposing the Third Legacy

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May 1944

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44 Questions 1952 Second Printing

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Newspaper Article Upon Sister Mary Ignatia's Death


Whenever a society or civilization perishes there is always one condition present; they forgot where they came from. ----- Carl Sandburg

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