Preserving AA's History

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What Can I Do?

I know nothing about Archives how can I begin to help preserve AA Archives in my Area, Group or District?

1: Go to different meetings in your area or district. Pick up at least 3 copies of any flyers or AA literature that are available. One for your personal collection, one for your Groups Repository, and one for your Area Archives.

2: Let all your fellow AA's know that you are collecting anything AA related and would appreciate them forwarding any literature or AA related items to you for proper preservation.

3: Get to know your Area, District, and Group Archives Committee. Pass on any AA related items with any information concerning where the item came from, who donated, dates, places, etc. Keep The Record Straight

4: Save Everything

Ask yourself a few questions:

1: What will happen to all my AA related items should something happen to me?

2: Would my family know what to do with my AA items?

3: Do I have my AA items in a safe, cool, dry, acid free, dark, environment?

4: Do I dispose of AA related flyers that are happening now thinking that this is not something I should save?

5: Do I have a tendency to just let the Archivist do their job and not collect anything AA related?

A Few Things I Might Do To Help My Local Archives Repository

1: Offer to help clean the local Repository. Many times there are never enough volunteers to help with the dreaded tasks of cleaning, sweeping, washing windows, dusting, emptying trash, maintenance on all equipment, furnishing supplies.

2: The tasks of handling irreplaceable documents and other precious items should be left to more experienced and trusted servants. Although we AA's mean well working with a First Edition First Printing Bigbook would be fun, but these items are very fragile and irreplaceable. Leave those chores up to the Archivists if possible.

3: Contributions in the financial form are always a great way of preserving our AA Past. Because we are self supporting we many times have needs that our Committee budgets cannot supply. Here is a short  list of things that are always necessary.

Glass Display Case’s, Mylar, garbage bags, printer ink, paper, folders, copier supplies, cleaning supplies, audio tapes, batteries, light bulbs, staples, pens. Etc.

Archives Chairman's Responsibilities.

1: Attend Assemblies and Chair Archives Meetings.

2: Be Contact between individual AA's, Groups, District, Area, GSO.

3: Guard the AA Repository with the Twelve Traditions and Suggested Guidelines for Archival Repositories.

4: Become Informed on Archival Methods and see that items in Repository are not damaged in the preservation process.

5: Select Committee or responsible AA's for tasks that include cleaning, maintenance, pickup supplies, etc.

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