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Precious Memories

First 2004 Quarterly Assembly

Volume 3, Issue 1
January 2004
Clarksville, Tennessee

Charles M.

What a journey, from January 2002 in Memphis TN to January 2004 in Clarksville TN. We have been able to show your traveling archives to dozens of workshops district meetings, old timers meetings by invitation in TN, Miss, Ark, last but not least at 8th National Archives workshop to the USA and Canada. What a deal!
We have been to two area 64 conventions, one Southeastern Conf. One Southeastern Forum. One ICYPAA, One SERCYPAA, Two TICYPAA Conventions with Area 64 Traveling Archives being featured. Never would I have dreamed of the rapid growth your Chair has experienced this past two years. It's with a heavy heart,

that I look forward to rotating Jan. 23rd 9:30 AM in Clarksville TN. I offer what experience strength and hope that I may have to the incoming Archives Committee.
This report will continue to be given by Me through Sept. 26 2004. The 9th NAW Planning Committee had their 3rd monthly meeting in Murfreesboro TN. This planning committee will continue to meet the 2nd Saturday every month at 11:00 AM at 801 Maney Rd where the Murfreesboro Group meets. The theme of your 9th NAW is
The Magnificent Reality. The event is sponsored by the Archives Committee at GSO. Hosted by Your Area 64 Archives Committee. The Workshop is going to be housed at the Double tree Inn, In Murfreesboro     cont. page 5

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September 23-26

Please Help Support 9th Annual National Archives Workshop

We need your support. Not just $$$ we need Area 64 to UNITE and lets show our Southern Gratitude for our Sobriety. You can help if you are willing.  We have about 15 different committees. You can choose or Charles M. will choose for you. This is a great way to get involved and enjoy the true AA Spirit in Action. The Host Committee Meetings are the 2nd. Saturday of each month @

11:00 a.m. centrally located @ 801 North Maney Ave. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Please send your donations to:
Attn: 9th Annual Workshop
Area 64 Archives
P.O. Box 1445
Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 37133-1445

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