District 12 Rutherford County Jail Guidelines                                            07/06/1999

Although we have our Guidelines concerning literature going into the Corrections Facilities, we have no way of changing a certain Facility's Guidelines. We have on a few occasions tried to get this situation worked out at the Rutherford County Jail. The latest guidelines we have from the Major Asbury in charge is as follows.

1:No persons with a Felony conviction will be allowed to carry A.A.'s message into Rutherford County Jail.

2:No Hard cover Big Books allowed.

3:No pamphlets or other literature, including Big Books can be given inmates.

4:All Volunteers need to be prompt, 15 minutes early for meetings. 6:45 P.M.

5:When meeting is over, we are instructed to leave immediately. No socializing with inmates or officers.

6:Literature can be carried in for meetings, passed to inmates and re-collected upon leaving.

7:There will be 4 Big Books left in each Pod, (16 Pods) when Library is distributed.

Attendance: Major Asbury, Punk R., Iva P., David L

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