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Philyra 09/Jun/2002:02:27:59
Quite a good site you have here!
Lara 08/Jun/2002:00:27:17
Marvelous website. Well done!
Susan 31/May/2002:05:35:35
Hello everyone

Milton C.   29/May/2002:22:04:15
Just lookin' around. Love the current events flyers. Lets me know
what's going on in distant parts of our area when I don't have a paper
copy of a flyer. We have a long ways from one end of Area 64 to the
other. Some of us in West TN will experience that this fall coming to
the 2002 State Convention in Kingsport. Looking forward to our next
Area 64 Events.
Milton in TN DOS 06/06/85
Darrell N.   03/May/2002:13:19:52
Super site. I sure am glad I can get what I need from this site. You
are doing a great job. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. keep it
going and remember.....if no one has told you that they love you
today....Let me be the first. Love you lots.
Jeff B.   23/Apr/2002:04:04:48
This is the most informative and awesome website concerning AA that I
have seen. Glad its still here to view. Thanks so much for everyones
hard work. Im not able to drive myself to Murfeesburo right now
because of past license problems. Im glad this was here so I would
have a chance to see it. This has really made my day. Charlie, David,
Julie, thanks so much for your continued hard work. Jethro
Mike C.   26/Feb/2002:18:34:28
Greeting to All from Maine.
This is a fantastic job you have done here with your webpage. I
will pass it on to the fellowship here. I will be a regular visitor to
you page. Thanks for sharing. Mike
Tracey B.   25/Jan/2002:20:48:21
I'm very impressed with your patience to be able to put this together
in such an interesting way. Well done and very impressive. Thanks for
your hard work. ~Tracey B.
Ray J.   25/Jan/2002:03:16:08
I was very impressed while visiting the archives during the grand
opening after our assembly in Murphysboro. This experience of
revisiting on line is the next best thing to being there. I am very
gratefull for the dedication to Jim D. and everyone else who helped to
give us in Tn. a second to none archives to be proud of.
Kim C.   19/Dec/2001:18:49:26
Home group: Traditions (Memphis)
Looks great. I'm really proud of the Archives Committee for all their
hard work. Thanks!!
Debi B.   23/Oct/2001:03:58:58
Fabulous site! Can't wait to see what you all dig up to add to the

Debi B.
Memphis, TN
Pat G.   21/Oct/2001:03:32:27
I visited the archives a few months ago. It was great! I just now
found the web site. I like it also. Keep up the good work. Love in the
Pat G.
TGIS Group (Thank God Im Sober)
Memphis, Tennessee
Waymon H . 14/Oct/2001:13:27:48
This is good...I help with a lot of meetings online...come check us out
with an open mind.
Glenn B.   06/May/2001:19:18:54
Great site. Thanks for the effort you put into it.
Pam B.   14/Apr/2001:17:10:39
I'm grateful to have access to "us" even from home!
Great site! Thanks y'all!
Don A.   11/Apr/2001:22:58:04
Just visiting
Diana D.   11/Apr/2001:21:06:25
DCM for District 21- Homegroup Midtown in Memphis
I just returned from the Area 64 Business Assembly in Paris Landing and
I am grateful to be a part of.
The website is great!
Sandy J.   27/Mar/2001:21:41:50
Moved to TN from Tampa, Florida - I want to learn as much about my
new "home" as possible. Thanks!
Brian A.   21/Feb/2001:13:27:16
I just moved from Nashville to Evanston Wy. Big mistake!!!!!!!!!
Thank God u guys are here, To give me a little piece of home.
Trying to get back. But this help's till I do.
Grate job, Keep it up!!!
Debbie S   09/Feb/2001:22:53:51
This is my first time to the site will definately come back. Just moved
to TN. You folks are great .
Robert D.   15/Jan/2001:06:47:00
Area 75 Southern Wisconsin
Robert D.   15/Jan/2001:06:44:39
Robert/Tina K.   02/Jan/2001:19:43:45
First visit. We are enjoying the website.THANKS!!!!
Sandra M.   24/Nov/2000:05:20:45
Western Washington Area 72, District 14 Archivist.

Nice job !
Janet M.   12/Nov/2000:14:59:12
We keep growing and going.
Terry L   11/Nov/2000:05:15:16
Congrats! Keep up the good work.
Teryy L. Associate Archivist Area 04, Arkansas
Rick B.   22/Oct/2000:23:18:54
FANTASTIC SITE!!! Just returned from the Area 64 4th Quarter Assembly
in Clarksville and was looking forward to surfing in here. Best Wishes
to the Archives're work is very exciting!!! Again,
Milton C.   17/Oct/2000:00:21:13
My first visit to the web site. Certainly not my last. Denise and I
have had the opportunity to visit the Archives Facility and present
some early books, etc. from founders and first members of our home
group. The service that the Archives Committee is doing in Tennessee,
for todays members, and those yet to come, is to be commended. Keep up
the good work and continue to carry our past message to members. How
can we know where we're going if we don't know where we've been?
God Bless, Milton and Denise
dennis   18/Sep/2000:20:16:39
Dick B. Alcoholics Anonymous History: Dick B.'s Works on E 22/Aug/2000:18:40:00
Excellent site. Hope this sets a strong trend and precedent for our
hard-working archivists around the country. God Bless, Dick B.
Imogene Sawvell D.   06/Jul/2000:01:39:39
Researching Howe's, Williams that married in Shelbyville, Tenn. in 1824.
Moses Batten and wife Patsy Haywood last seen in 1840 Carroll County,
Tennessee. Looking for parents of Levi Feaster md. Elizabeth Reed in
1809 Washington County, Tenn. and ended up in McMinn County until they
came to Missouri by 1850. Also looking for the family of John Ray that
was in McMinn County that had daughter Sarah.
Devon W.   15/Jun/2000:20:27:53
I am really enjoying the sights on this page. I am a member of the
Nooners group, District 28, Area 64, Jackson, Tennessee.
Carrie G.   14/May/2000:21:12:03
I'm trying to trace any people (past and present) with the "Gulline"
surname. Please contact me if you have any info.
Thank you
Joy B. Joy's Recovery Page 12/May/2000:14:52:08
Dave you did a great job in revamping this site. I am proud to be a
member of the area 64 Archives. I have the hope and asperations that
this will continue to grow and prosper. as for the use of the big book
on line. as long as it is a link to there web page and we have not
copied it and put it on our site then it is fine. They give permission
for people to link to there site.

Great job again.
Rob S. Northeast Ohio General Service, Area 54 16/Apr/2000:04:23:30
Enjoyed the site, but have to question the use of the Big Book without
permission from the copywrite holder.
In Love and Service,
Rob Sebastian
Delegate Area 54, Panel 49
adam j.   21/Feb/2000:02:53:50
Great site. We are trying to get our archives organized in Florida.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Garys D   07/Feb/2000:23:56:04
Hello everybody
Lisa R.   24/Jan/2000:16:24:05
This is really a great site. I have had the honor of personally
visiting our State Archives and the people there do a GREAT job of
keeping everything so nice. I am proud to be a member of Primary
Purpose, District 22, Area 64, Memphis, TN. I can't wait to visit
again because I know everytime I do, there is something new for me to
see and learn.

Thank you Bill W. and Dr. Bob
.   24/Jan/2000:15:38:15
This is really a great site. I have had the honor of visiting our
State Archives and the people there do a GREAT job of keeping
everything so nice. I am proud to be a member of Primary Purpose,
District 22, Area 64, Memphis, TN. I can't wait to visit again because
I know everytime I do, there is something new for me to see and learn.
Dale G.   30/Nov/1999:22:31:49
Hey! I really like the web site. I have looked at several of them
around the US and this is SUPER!

I am proud to be a member of the BEST Area in AA.

Have a great day.

Wayne E. H.   22/Nov/1999:01:23:33
rick t.   08/Nov/1999:02:10:04
Glad to visit your Archives website again, and hopefully someday will
visit Murfreesboro in person. As past Secretary for the 1999 Archives
Workshop in Arlington Heights, Illinois-thanks to all who participated!
missed the Tennessee crew, though...What you are continuing to present
out of the Tennessee A.A. Archives Committee is a great joy to see, I
hope you continue.
In service and serenity,
Rick T. Northern Illinois Area 20 Archivist
john d.   25/Oct/1999:05:31:29

what an awesome site. iwill keep coming back
Chris F. Recovering Professionals 23/Oct/1999:17:53:32
Great idea! I will check out your site when I get home. My sobriety
started in Nashville. I look forward seeing what you have to say about
the folks who passed it on to me.
By the Grace of God
Chris 8/7/66
Sonny G.   23/Oct/1999:17:48:34
We have just recently purcghased 3 display cases for the archives of
Districts #80,81,82,83, -&- 84. We're very proud of the amount of items
we have accumulated for our cases. We have so much that we've set up a
rotation schedule to try and get all of the items some time on
display. The turn out has been tremenous and everyone comments on how
much they ejoy looking at the history of AA in our area. Thanks to AA
and it's dedication to spreading the word of sobriety and recovery, we
have a history that we can be proud of and a future full of hope.
Doug K., Jr. N/A 19/Sep/1999:17:45:22
Charles M.   13/Sep/1999:16:57:05
I am so very proud of the professional job that is being administered
to our Archives and the web site. When I got sober in 1984 there was
no Internet, email and very few home computers. Today we can stay in
touch with other recovering people on a regular basis outside the
meeting rooms. This web page makes it possible to keep your finger on
the heartbeat of AA in Tennessee. We have come a long way but I am
certain that more will be revealed.
Carolyn B.   24/Aug/1999:13:53:01
Very nice, enjoyed the tour on line.
So grateful we have this, hope it never stops.
My fellow AA friends keep up the good work.
Carey T. 24/Aug/1999:10:01:49
Just getting started viewing your site. Looks good from here: Area 15,
District8 Archives Committees. See you in Chicago.
Robert D.   24/Aug/1999:06:26:03
Very Nice

see you at the archivists workshop in Illinois
Daggerrose Tennessee State Archives 03/Aug/1999:14:08:13
Welcome to your Tennessee State Archives site. We are glad you surfed
in here. Take time to browse around, enjoy our chat room, or Bulletin
Board. Bookmark now. We will try to have upcoming events posted. If you
have information concerning your group, please let us know. Thanks
again and Keep Coming Back. Page 164 Last two paragraphs Big Book of
Alcoholics Anonymous.

Blue Skies,

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