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Three Ring Binder Photo Display

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This is a Deed Of Gift form you can download and print for any items that you would like to donate to Area 64 Archives.

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This is a photo donated by David C. Area 72 Western Washington Archivist

We opted to buy acid free corners to adhere the photo to a piece of acid free paper. We also cut a piece of Mylar the size of the photo before putting the paper into a acid free polyester three ring binder. This allows us to write on the paper any information that describes the photo. etc. More photos below.

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These two very nice plaques and items below were donated to Area 64 Archives by Mark McC. of the Oklahoma Area Archives. The Memphis 1947 booklets are a very welcomed by Area 64 Archives.

Thanks Oklahoma Archives for doing the right thing and sending our Archives back to us where they really belong.

Our Hats are off to you.

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1:Works Publishing Inc. Report of June 30, 1940 2:Spiritual Milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous 3:Mr X and Alcoholics Anonymous

dsc01715.jpg (595560 bytes) Magazine Articles from 1939  dsc01716.jpg (422633 bytes)    AA Pamphlet

 dsc01717.jpg (436077 bytes)     dsc01718.jpg (443621 bytes)    The Greenwich Temperance Total Abstinence Ribbon

 dsc01719.jpg (474579 bytes)  Text & Articles on the Washington Temperance Society

dsc01720.jpg (447690 bytes)    Convention Program Thursday September 18th. Peabody Hotel

dsc01725.jpg (505776 bytes)   59th. Southeastern Conference "The Granddaddy of them All" 

Book & Chips donated to Area 64Archives.

A Three Ring Binder Photo Display

Below find 4 photos and how we decided to protect and get hands on at the same time. We were able to write any info for each photo that can be easily changed as necessary.

dsc01721.jpg (486112 bytes)   Acid Free Adhesive Corners  dsc01722.jpg (414709 bytes)   Corners & Photo laid on Acid Free Paper  dsc01723.jpg (408294 bytes)   Acid Free Corners slipped on photo to allow centering and adhering to Acid Free Paper  dsc01724.jpg (451208 bytes)  Mylar cut and placed over photo, notes written before placing in three ring polyester sleeve.

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This is a very good site Thanks

Date: 13 Oct 2004
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This makes me sooooo happy, what a trip and stay I received at the Workshop and to still be inclusive, better not take my name of this email list, lol. the best part is, each day I/we make history. One more time I receive the steps to make progress in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and be of Service to other Alkies in recovery. I recieved word today in an e-mail that I have been asked to service the VAC in the capasity of Sound Engineer for Assemblies and Meetings. Wonder if I can hook a tape machine up secretly, naaaaa. Please let it be known, the VAC Archivists and committee Chair were presented with a 9th Annual Archives Workshop T-Shirt and are also receiving a copy of all the material I was given by you all while preent, Love to all - thank you Bruce W D. Richmond Virginia District 18 DCM 2002-2004 Area 71 USA

Date: 13 Oct 2004
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Thank you for sending this and all the wonderful work all of you are doing for us and those yet to come. Doug K (Memphis, Tn.)

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