Greetings, What a ride. For the last several years I have been on a un-explainable ride with Area 64 Archives. It is with a gasp of pleasure to pass this Great Adventure on to someone else. Please accept this as my Official Resignation as your Area 64 Archivist. It is very important that this position is not rotated every two years, as it takes time for for the Archivist to settle and learn the repository and the duties of the Area 64 Archivist. There has been much accomplished in the past and there is much that needs to be done in the future. $$$$ is always a topic and understandable. But it takes $$$$ to do the necessary things here at Area 64 Archives. Please be aware of the differences of titles. Area 64 Archives Chairperson, Area 64 Archives Committee, Area 64 Archives Archivist, Area 64 Archives Trusted Servants, Area 64 Archives Active Trusted Servants. These are very very different and not to be confused. I am a little sad and at the same time glad to pass the Archives Torch on to others. As has been stated in the past that only Active Trusted Servants should have access to the building, I will at the time of this printing have surrendered keys and passwords to the appropriate Active Trusted Servants. Thanks so much for allowing me to serve you for so long. Life Goes On and I'm sure God has a plan for me and you. God Bless Area 64 Archives. Daggerrose 09/29/2008

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