Area 64 Archives Inventory

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


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 This Bible was salvaged from a house fire in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The inscription inside was signed by Sister M. Ignatius. The lady Angeline Smith was a music student in Nazruth, Kentucky. Sister Ignatius was a music teacher before AA. Notice the date: June 10, 1926. AA's birthday in 1935.

A-1 The Bible was slightly scorched in the fire.

A-2 The Golden Book of Sponsorship


A-4 Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age

A-5 Photos marked Confidential preserved in Acid Free Binders

A-6 Photos marked Confidential preserved in Acid Free Binders

A-7 Photos marked Confidential preserved in Acid Free Binders

A-8 Photos marked Confidential preserved in Acid Free Binders

A-9 Photos marked Confidential preserved in Acid Free Binders

A-10 Photos marked Confidential preserved in Acid Free Binders

A-11 Charles M. had his hair cut for a fundraiser at the Third Quarter Assembly in Jackson, Tennessee June 25, 1999

A-12 29th. I.C.Y.P.A.A. Button Miami 1986

A-13 Red Ball

A-14 Not God by: Ernest Kurtz A history of Alcoholics Anonymous

A-15 Beyond Alcoholism by: Dan E. Beauchamp

A-16 The Problem Drinker by: Joseph Hirsh

A-17 Area 64 Tennessee State Convention Coffee Mug June 11-13,1999 "Working With Others"

A-18 Reader's Digest Condensed Book with Bill W. Story Vol. 1 1976

A-19 Spiritual Milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous

A-20 A child's Horn

A-21 International Convention Button San Diego California 1995 60 Years Unity-Service-Recovery

A-22 International Convention Button San Diego California 1995 60 Years Unity-Service-Recovery

A-23 Northside A.A. Group Twelve & Twelve 15th. Printing 1977 donated June 28, 2003

A-24 The Home Group Heartbeat of AA

A-25 The Golden Recordings of Father John Doe

A-25 The Golden Recordings of Father John Doe

A-26 S.E.R.C.Y.P.A.A. Button  Jackson, Tennessee 2003

A-27  S.E.R.C.Y.P.A.A. Key Chain  Jackson, Tennessee 2003

The tags used to mark inventory numbers allowed the ink to penetrate plastic or petroleum products. Notice tag has been removed.

A-28 POP Group

A-29 Fellowship of the Spirit Button

A-30 Hacky Sak

A-31 Founders Day 54th. Year June 1989 Akron, Ohio

A-32 As Bill Sees It

A-33 The Old Twenty Fourth Street Clubhouse

A-34 Pat P. Jackson, Tennessee ID Badge C.P.C.

A-35 Wooden Urn

A36 1998 One Day At A Time

A-37 1999 One Day At A Time

A-38 Buffalo Nickel symbolizes the type nickel used in phone by Bill W.

A-39 AA Grapevine October 1968 1of 2

A-40 AA Grapevine October 1968 

A-43 Markings on the Journey The Archives of AA1980

A-44 Radio Spots National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 

A-45 The Secretary

A-46 Free at Last Newspaper Article

A-47 Central Office Notes

A-48 Mail Call For All A A.'s in the Armed Services

A-49 International AA Convention San Diego, California June 29 July 2, 1995 60 Years

A-50 Twelve Concepts for World Service

A-51 International AA Convention San Diego, California June 29 July 2, 1995 60 Years

A-52 Tennessee State Directory 1978- 1979

A-53 Packet from 6th Annual National Archives Workshop in Akron, Ohio

A-55 World Directory Spring 1973

A-56 Canadian Directory 1993 - 1994

A-57 Western United States Directory 1993 - 1994

A-58 Eastern United States Directory 1993 - 1994

A-59  Alcoholics Anonymous 1939 - 1942

A-60 Visitor Register

A-61 Grapevine July 1945

This document was laminated, a no no in today's Archives

A-62 Stone from Dr. Bob's House (basement)

A-63 Big Book

A-64 Second Edition Big Book

A-65 AA Service Manual 1969

A-66 AA Service Manual 1978

A-67 AA Service Manual 1982 - 1983

A-68 AA Service Manual 1979

A-69 AA Service Manual 1983 - 1984

A-70 Faith Fear Honesty Humility Love

A-71 Steel Tape Recordings

A-72 Steel Tape Recordings

A-73 Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age

A-74 AA Grapevine March 1957

A-75 Fourth Edition Big Book

A-76 Twenty Four Hours A Day

A-77 Directory of AA Groups in Hospital & Rehabilitation Centers 1967 

A-78 Tony's Scrap Book 1933 - 1934 Edition

A-79 Alcoholism San Mateo County Fellowship of AA

A-80 Directory of AA Institutional Groups 1959 

A-81 Directory of AA Hospital Groups 1959

A-82 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions

A-83 As Bill Sees It

A-84,85,86,87 Grapevines

A-88,89,90,91 Grapevines

A-91,92,93,94 Grapevines

A-95,96,97,98 Grapevines

A-98,99,100 Grapevines

A-101,102,103 Grapevines

A-104 to A-187 Grapevines

A-177 Messengers 2000

A-178,179 Service Manuals 1969 - 1994

A-179,180,181,182 Messengers 1982 - 1989

A-189 Information for Delegates 1958

A-190 Group Handbook & Directory 1957

A-191 Group Handbook & Directory 1953

A-192 Selected Re - prints from the Nashville Banner

A-192  Selected Re - prints from the Nashville Banner Inscription to Jack Knox


A-194 Original Jack Knox cartoon Nashville Banner

A-195 Big Book

A-196 !984 - 1985 Tennessee State Directory

A-197 !986 - 1987 Tennessee State Directory

A-198  Tennessee State Directory 2000 - 2001

A-199 Messenger July 1991

A-200 1st Quarter Assembly 2004 Clarksville, Tennessee Coffee Mug "Recovery on the River"

A-201 47th. Annual Area 64 Convention "Fellowship of the Spirit" Nashville, Tennessee August 11-13, 2000 Coffee Mug

A-202 59th. Southeastern Conference Memphis, Tennessee August 7-10, 2003 "I am Responsible" Coffee Mug

A-203 Attic Club Gatlinburg, Tennessee Coffee Mug

A-204 Indiana State Convention "Return to French Lick" Badge

A-205 I Am Responsible Card

A-206 Tennessee State Area Assembly Service Manual

A-207 Keep Coming Back Coffee Mug

A-208 A-209 Replica First Edition Bigbook Dust Covers

A-210 1999 - 2000 AA Service Manual

A-211 Flat Iron III Coffee Mug Knoxville, Tennessee

A-212 Lets be Friendly with our Friends

A-213 Advisory Actions of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous  1951 - 1993

A-214 Is AA For You? Twelve Questions January 1954

A-215 Dr. Bob's Last Talk Sunday July 30, 1950

A-216 Framed Serenity Prayer

A-217 Mayflower Hotel lobby, Akron, Ohio. Veiw of lobby where Bill W. phoned Rev. Walter F. Tunks, DD., which resulted in a meeting with AA co-founder Dr. Bob (1879-1950).

A-218 Rev. Dr. Samuel M. shoemaker, Jr. (1893-1963) Rector, Calvary Episcopal Church, N.Y.C. (1925-1951) He was the leader of the Oxford Group Movement in the United States (1921-1938). His teaching inspired Bill W. and the early AA members.

A-219 Bill W. (1895-1971) AA co-founder, with Ebby T. (1897-1966) in 1955. Ebby brought the Oxford Group movement message to Bill.

A-220 William Silkworth, M.D (1874-1951) Towns Hospital Physician-in cheif. Bill W. was his patient. He was one of AA's earliest supporters in the medical profession. ( the Doctors opinion )


A-222 Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson


A-224 American Public Health Association's Lasker Award, presented to AA for contributions in the field of public health at San Francisco, Ocotber, 1951.


A-226 Sister Mary Ignatia (1889-1966) of the Sisters of Charity St. Augustine. Dr. Bob's partner in treating alcoholics at St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio from (1939-1952).