8th Annual National Archives Workshop

Ft. Lauderdale,Fla.

Sept. 25th-28th, 2003

Willingness Is The Key

What a Great Service the Host Committee did. Everything was done is the true Spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Great Job

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There were many items on display that is just so AWESOME.

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Could you imagine AA without Coffee?

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These Centerpieces were really well thought out and very beautiful.

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These thought provoking one liners were everywhere.

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Tools of the trade. The pictures below show many of the common tools that are used in archival restoration and preservation. 

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The workshop was very informative and interesting for the Archivists and enthusiasts as well.

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This process is called humidification. The containers are archival quality with distilled water. The larger container holds the water and the smaller container floats or sits in the larger. The rolled documents are place in the smaller container and glass covers the work in progress. Approximate time left in humidification process varies from 4 to24 hours. It was suggested not to leave in the process too long.

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Many chemicals are very dangerous and should be used with caution. Ventilation is important, spills on your precious items, fire hazard. etc.

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Recognize this guy?

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Willingness is the Key.

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BB = Big Book 

TT = Twelve & Twelve

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Tidbits from workshop.

1: Don't turn down items to be donated.

2: When accepting donations, make appropriate records, dates, restrictions, who donated, condition, etc.

3: Physical condition of items can be rated on a simple scale of 1 to 5.

4: Confidentiality  Anonymity Period.

5: Consider only Legal size folders to prevent folding or tearing documents.

6: Consider only Archives Quality (acid free) paper for making copies of your repository.

7: In case of  soaked or wet paper you can freeze immediately.

8: Optimal 70* f                 50% rh

9: Test ink with Q-tip & distilled water. Roll dipped q-tip on ink usually in lower right hand corner. If ink rolls off on q-tip the document can be permantley damaged by the de-acidification process.

Some modern black inks will run, red, green, blue inks tend to run.

10: Rubber bands that have adhered to your work can be removed by applying dry ice and lifting rubber off carefully with a lift knife.

11: Some products you may need are: wax paper, pva glue, cording, acid free interleaving paper, dry cleaning materials, distilled water, double sided tape, mylar, self healing work pad, lead shot weights, cotton gloves, roller, hankerchief,etc.

12: In copying your repository, make only one pass with copier. Make other copies from your copy.

13: De-acidification only arrests the progression of the document.

14: The four absolutes: Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, Love.

15: Paid workers can destroy A.A.

16: 1920-1934 Prohibition

17: Black Friday October 28, 1929

18: I have to keep myself small.

19: 24 Hour book published 1948

20: Dr Bob courted for 17 years before marriage.

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