Area 64 Archives


Precious Memories

Volume 10, Issue 4
November 2-4 2007
Maxwell House Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee

Inside this issue:

How Area 64 Archives is Carrying the message of Hope.

  1. We are preserving the Carried Message of Alcoholics Anonymous in Area 64.
  2. Anybody should know that any bunch of Alcoholics that could put togethor an Area AA Archives Repository is carrying the message.
  3. Area 64 Archives has been prompt about publishing Precious Memories Newsletter for 10 years informing the fellowship of our activities. Which has included several articles from prospective or seasoned members with their stories of how Area 64 is carrying the message.
  4. Area 64 Archives has  had a website with AA Archives related information for over ten years.  January 30, 1997. This alone brings several thousand lookers each year from all over the world looking for answers concerning alcohol and or AA Archives.
  5. Area 64 Archives has been the recipiant of many accolades from people from all over the contintial US Alaska and other Countries this lets us know that we are carrying the message.
  6. Area 64 Archives has been referred to as a Leader in the AA Archives community.
  7. IN almost every Precious Memories Newsletter in 10 years has had some form of either Bigbook or 12x12 tidbits within its pages.
  8. Area 64 Archives has participated in many events that placed the traveling Archives which included precious documents as well as Conference approved literature into the reach of still suffering alcoholics.
  9. Area 64 Archives committee members very frequently have bigbook studies and or one on one discussions about recovery from Alcohoolism within the walls of 801 North Maney Ave.
  10. Area 64 Archives carries the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by protecting the personal anonymity of alcoholics that have staggered their way through this area.

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