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Precious Memories

Volume 10, Issue 4
October 20-22, 2006

Fourth Quarterly Assembly 2006
Archive's Chair Report  Joe C.

First of all would like to thank everyone for their vote of confidence, I will need a lot of your help and patience. This is all quite new to me, but with your help and God's guidance, we will make it happen.
On July 23rd. The last day of the 3rd. Quarter Assembly my home group, which is the Northside Group at the Flatiron III, Knoxville, Tenn. Hosted the traveling Archives Display from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm. The 8:00 pm, speaker was Charlie M. from Jamestown. We had a great  turn out with great fellowship. The only bad part was I Had to be taken to the Emergency Room later on that evening. I had to spend the next week an half in the Hospital.
The next event that I was able to attend was the 10th. Annual National Archive's Workshop. My-My what a wonderful time and a great learning experience. My self and Charles M. made that 13 hr. trip in his Van with out one disagreement, miracles still do happen. I was especially proud of Area 64. Tenn. There was myself, Charles M., Tom N. and his wife, David L. and his quest. We had the Traveling Archives displayed. Our Display was the most impressive that was there.
We got to meet the new Archivist from G.S.O. Amy Filiatreau . also Gail L. from Akron was their and presented her wonderful slide show. I'm really looking forward to next year in Arizona.
Well, as fate would have it a week later after we got back I had to be Hospitalized again for another week with the same intestinal disorder. The Doctor's think they might have found out what is wrong and how to treat this. I sure hope so!
It is going to require a big change in life style, but we do what we got to do.
Myself and Charles M. made a trip to Murfreesboro on October the 11th. We made a 9:30 meeting and had a great visit with David L. at 801 Maney Ave. that afternoon. I plan to be in Crossville Tn. on November 4th. at the State wide workshop from 1:30 pm. to 4:30 pm. I encourage all of you to come and attend this if you possibly can.
Sorry for such a short report been out of commission for over a Month. Again thanks for this opportunity to serve as your Chairperson.
In Loving Service, Joe C. Area 64 Archives Chairperson.

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