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Precious Memories

Volume 10, Issue 3
July 21-23, 2006
Oak Ridge,

Third Quarterly Assembly 2006
Archive's Chair Report  Rusty R.

I want to start by giving thanks to several people and groups. You can have one of those transcripts for a two-dollar donation that covers the cost of making copies, the Speaker is Jack K., Area 64 first delegate, and his topic is A.A.'s beginnings in Nashville. This transcription came from our Archives and were copied to pass on to you. If this goes over well then we will make other transcripts.
Thanks to area 64 for paying the bills: lights, water, phone, rent. The archives committee could not do the work the committee does with out a place to work on and display our past.

Thanks to Tom N. Charles M. for doing work shops this past quarter. A special thanks and coagulations to David L. for speaking at a work shop.  Thanks to Jeff G. for your work on all our speaker tapes. Thanks to those persons that I have left out because I don't know about your work are my junkyard of a mind has misplaced your name.

Now I try to tell what little work I did this past quarter. I was at the archives three Saturdays this quarter for a total of about seventeen hours.  One Saturday I spent with David L. and I watched and learned as he worked on restoring a Grapevine. I was given a copy of the running inventory of precious memories. We have 307 items tag inventoried.  When we receive an item now the first things that happens is it is placed in special storage until our Archivist places it on the inventory list, 

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